Friday, April 17, 2015

When? -- Sharon McCart

When, God, When?

My heart is broken. Again. Once again I have heard the pain of a person with autism. Pain caused by the Church. A person who wants and needs a church home but cannot find one.
A person who just wishes someone would walk alongside and try to understand.
A person who has a deep desire to serve others and yet finds only the expectation of being served.
No understanding that everyone brings a needed gift to the Church, the Body of Christ.
No willingness to receive that gift but instead only concern and fear that this new person will be just another drain on time, energy, resources.
No acceptance or willingness to include.
Just another door shut in a face.

Just another closed heart, connected to a closed mind.
“Inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me.”
Can you imagine? Jesus is knocking on a door and the response is “Sorry. Not interested.” The door stays closed.
Can you imagine? That what is being delivered is a part of Christ’s Body and the answer is “Sorry. Not interested.” The door stays closed.
The Body stays incomplete. And the world stays the same because the Church is not able (disabled!) to serve, to resurrect, to save, to transform?
Because the door stays closed to someone with great gifts. Because all the Church sees is the negative. A negative which may not even be real.
Fear turns us toward the negative.
Christ came to shine light on the positive, and yet we still don’t understand.
The Church needs everyone. Everyone, EVERYONE! When will we learn to open the door and let EVERYONE in?
When will my heart be healed, never to be broken again?
When will the Body of Christ be complete?
When will we be ready for the transformation of the world to begin?
My prayers arise even as my tears fall.
---Sharon McCart, 2015

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