Friday, August 19, 2016

AMD this week, 8/19/16

What do we really need healing of?

Donna Fado Ivery presented at the joint DMC/AMD meeting in Dallas in 2015. Her new CD, Dancing Through the Pain, will be available on Sept. 1.

What do clergy need for positive mental health?

Newsletter from Mental Health Ministries

Mental health and poverty

UMCom: Breaking the taboo

Pew Trust report: care for lifetime

Understanding and support for trauma victims

Advocacy Alerts
DREDF on ADA Education and Reform bill

Disability advocacy: NAMI presents the platforms of the two major parties on mental health matters.

Disability advocacy: MHA presents "vote with mental health in mind"

Group calls for universal health care. "The United Methodist Church therefore affirms in our Social Principles (¶ 162V) health care as a basic human right and affirms the duty of government to assure health care for all."  

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