Thursday, May 18, 2017

Faith Development Curriculum Released

A new faith development curriculum is now available from the Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church. In twelve lessons, with guidance materials, the lessons are suitable for confirmation classes or general church life classes with teens and adults who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. The lessons can also supplement other classes. Sharon McCart, chair of the committee, states that "barriers to faith development are too often found in complicated language and demanding lessons. This curriculum teaches the concepts of our faith in a way that is adaptable enough for a wide range of ability." 

The lessons include a variety of activities, such as singing, videos, Bible passages, prayer, discussion, and hands-on activities. Although presented in a suggested order for confirmation, each lesson is independent and can be used in sequence, or ordered as needed, or used alone.

The lessons were developed by a team of writers, including Rev. Donna Draeger, Rev. Karen Evenson, Rev. Debbie Hills, Gail Hoffman, Rev. Amanda Larsen, Naomi Mitchum, and Debby Newman. Costs are funded by the General Board of Global Missions. 

The materials may be found at the committee's web site:

Faith Development, a series of four vines progressively growing larger, set over the words

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