Monday, April 16, 2018

Trinity UMC Deaf Outreach

Trinity United Methodist Church, McMurray PA, participated in a  SIGN-A-THON at Robinson Center Mall last Saturday. It was held  on the first floor in the center of the mall. There were games for the children and entertainment.  Probably 200-300 Deaf people were there for the afternoon.

The Sign-a-thon was sponsored by HDS, an agency supporting the Deaf community  in our area.  Among their services is providing ASL interpreters. Trinity Church was one of several agencies that participated.

At Trinity, we viewed this as an opportunity to get the word out about our Deaf Ministry. On our table, we had a picture loop of activities related to our deaf ministry on a TV screen. You can see our church building and address on the screen in the photo.

A group stands around a table in a shopping mall, there is a poster welcoming anyone to the church with the sign for ASL; they have cookies!
As you can see, we had hand outs and advertisements for visitors. The "flowers". were a spinning game for the children  where they could win prizes (depending on what number they landed on) . The jar on the end of the table was a container for a drawing for a $50 Visa card. 

And of course, we had cookies  

And we talked to a lot of people. The second picture is the drawing for the card  on the entertainment stage. The young man is Caleb, our interpreter. We had the opportunity to meet many Deaf people. Most of them didn't live really close to our church, but we felt we made out presence known.Two people stand on a platform, one is signing and the other holds a decorated jar.


  1. Are you the only Deaf church in your area? Or are there a lot?

  2. to the person who asked about other churches in the area: Trinity is in a Pittsburgh suburb, and is the only one they know of offering a Deaf ministry in their area; but there are several in the city itself