Wednesday, February 6, 2019


A follow-up thought after a recent post on The Power of Love.
Pondering as I sit here, essentially the opposite of one recent experience of which a few people read, am I Invisible?

The next time you go out, think about that step that keeps me home.
The next time you go out, think about the bathroom I can’t use.
Think about the ride I can’t share or the cab I can’t call.
Do you really miss me at all?

Even if they arrive I can’t get in like you.
So, think of me as you do.
Think about curb cut blocked by car or by snow.
And, all the places I can’t go.

To events, to parties, to see a band.
Your house of worship, if they had a plan.

I’ve heard the next place is better.
And, maybe it is. I’ll be an activist if I can get in.
Or, simply a face in the crowd.

That’s ok.
Maybe the next time or again after that.
I think of you. Honest I do.
I am your ally in spirit, I’m not really far.
Yet, as I sit here, I wonder, “Am I invisible?”

Chris Wylie

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