Monday, January 20, 2020

If you knew him, you loved him!

In early January, we reported the passing of Rev. David Seymour, a disabled pastor who was ordained and immediately forced into retirement. There have been many comments and shares (with comments) of this news. We have also received, courtesy of Bishop Johnson, a longer response with more reminiscences about Rev. Seymour, which we share here (with permission).

Hello Dear Parents of a true Man of God!

My name is Rev. Rory Russell, I serve as Chaplain of Sussex Correctional Institution. I am both humbled and honored to write you this love note concerning your son, Rev. Seymour who epitomized the term servant leadership as well as he endured hardship as a soldier of Jesus Christ.

I came to know your son as part of the group Kairos International which is dedicated to bringing the Gospel to the incarcerated. Dave participated in every weekend that he could and his impact on the Men was nothing short than miraculous, at the beginning of the weekend he’d always capture the attention of the Men because he’d appear frail and  fragile.

The Men would slowly warm up to him like a group of people sitting by a warm fire on a cold evening. Perhaps it was his warm character, maybe his infectious smile, his light hearted sense of humor, or his unyielding/unwavering faith that would cause a group of the Men to silently volunteer to be his keeper/handlers throughout the weekend.

Then it would happen he would demonstrate his command of the Scripture when giving his talk about how he was a prisoner as well as the Men! Imprisoned in a wheelchair, imprisoned in this body he’d say, right before telling of God’s good and greatness.

When he’d finish I was always amazed at how through the anointing of God almighty Dave had reached everyone in the room (Security Officers, Inmates, other Volunteers, and most definitely this Chaplain). He had reached us all in a way we’d never forget. During the forgiveness ceremony the Men would lift his chair to the stage and he’d wash our hands and smile!

Yes if you knew Rev. Dave Seymour you loved him, although he was bound to that chair, although he had limited mobility, and even though he suffered pain, he was willing to  serve the men of this Institution.

I’m grateful to God for my Brother Dave, and yes because I knew him I loved him. His memory and legacy serve as an example and guide of perseverance, faith,  and charity! Blessed are those who die in the Lord, yea says the Spirit, for they rest from their Labor.

Rest now Brother Dave I’ll see you in the morning! I know you so I love you. 

Rory Russell

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