Friday, December 21, 2018

News and notes from AMD, 21 December 2018

Here are the highlights of postings this week from the Association of Ministers with Disabilities, Disability Ministries Committee, Mental Health Ministries, Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Ministries Committee, and UM Congress of the Deaf:
Pecometh Deaf Camp
16 Easy Ways to make a church more accessible
A wide-ranging talk with much to think about for preaching and pastoral care
We often learn about grief and loss in pastoral care classes, but rarely does it touch on pet loss. Why this matters:
Deaf interpretation: this could be a helpful outreach for local churches
A significant study about autism: don't assume, but ask people with disabilities what they need.
MHM: “Welcoming All” by Bob Griggs - For people living with mental or physical illness, as well as those who are grieving or struggling with problems in their lives, Christmas can be a difficult.
UMC sponsors Deaf Santa

Ableism, the Gospel of John, and who tells our story?
Julian Way: Advent, Health, and  Insurance
Deaf community mission to Red Bird, closes January 15
South Central UMCD Conference, July 2019

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