Monday, July 20, 2020

Face masks

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to widespread use of face masks. However, these masks are problematic for some people: one cannot lip read through the typical mask. Those with autism, claustrophobia, or related conditions often find it difficult to tolerate a mask. This list compiles the most useful articles we've found for adapting, from visible masks, to alternative attachment methods, and includes related topics. 

(This item will be updated as needed; updated 29 July 2020, first published 20 July 2020. Suggestions are welcome.)

Southeast ADA Center,

Job Accommodation Network,

Episcopal Conference for the Deaf, 

Facebook "My Mind": mask loop attachment to cap (July 2020)

Delta Faucet: ear saver loop (July 2020)

Indiana Association of the Deaf,

MIT Technology Review: The pandemic made life harder for deaf people. The solutions could benefit everyone. (May 2020)

Hearing Like Me: Face masks in school: Tips for navigating a new classroom (note: also useful for business and church settings) (June 2020)

NIH, National Institute on Deafness: Cloth face coverings and distancing pose communication challenges for many (July 2020)

CSULB: Covid-19 and the Deaf community (captioned video) (May 2020)

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